Company History - Weber and Davis County

Premier Cleaning Services is located in Ogden, Utah and our goal is simple, to help customers throughout the metro area achieve and maintain a deep clean they can be proud of. With our janitorial services you can focus on your work and not the condition of your offices. Our team is experienced and we listen to your needs!
vacuum Cleaner and a janitor — Premier Cleaning Services in Riverdale, UT
Our services include:
  • Floor maintenance
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
Whether you are a office building, government facility or medical facility we have the equipment and dedication to get you the results you demand. We also routinely work with executive offices, industrial facilities and financial institutions.
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Our people make the difference:

All Premier Cleaning Services employees are trained with trust, communication, courtesy, and professionalism in mind. Our employees wear uniforms and name badges so you will always recognize them.

What Sets us Apart

  • Top Level Customer Services
  • Efficient work and Reliable Service
  • Insured and Bonded
  • We visit each location to ensure that cleaning is done with quality.
  • Professionally Trained Staff
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • We utilize the proper equipment, and continually work to improve and use more efficient systems.

Mission Statement:

Premier Cleaning Services is dedicated to providing a clean atmosphere necessary for a positive work environment.
Our goal is to provide commercial custodial services with total quality and customer satisfaction while focusing on continuous improvement.
We work as a team to enhance the quality of our service by carefully listening to the needs of our customers.
In achieving this mission, we will continually strive to exemplify the highest standards of business ethics and personal integrity.

We Hire The Best!

Our hiring process is complete and thorough, including E-Verify, and back ground checks. We also have a written drug policy to help ensure employees always understand their responsibility to our clients. Each person assigned a cleaning task focuses on that task until it is completed. Ensuring each task is completed properly. Each person uses tools properly. For example, the proper microfiber rag is used for each task. The Orange rag is only used to clean toilets. The Green rag is only used to clean sinks and counters in restrooms. The purple rag is only used for wiping or cleaning in office areas. Each colored microfiber rag is used for a specific cleaning purpose.

Contact us today in Weber and Davis Counties for the best commercial cleaning services. Call Premier Cleaning Services at 801-393-5767.